A4769 – New Restrictive Gun Law Sure to End up in Court

While families in New Jersey were busy buying matching pajamas for Christmas pictures, the New Jersey Legislature worked on passing gun law. The law, A4769, makes the state’s existing gun law, which is already restrictive, and turns the screws even harder on legal, non-criminal gun owners.

A4769 – We’ve Seen These Laws Before —

While reading the law, you can’t help but wonder if the legislatures were even aware of this years United States Supreme Court Ruling in New York Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen in which the Supreme Court affirmed the individual’s right to carry a firearm outside the home.

It’s hard to believe that the NJ Legislature wasn’t aware of the injunctions issued against parts of retaliatory gun laws passed after the Bruen case in New York:

and Oregon:

However, A4769, which passed through both Houses with a vote of 21-16, seems to be a compilation of all the laws that are currently under legal challenges in other states. Of course, anyone paying attention knows that New Jersey law makers know the legal-limbo status of similar gun laws. They know courts will ultimately rule parts of their laws unconstitutional. But the part of the strategy is to frustrate the Second Amendment, harass gun owners, and turn the public against them.

Read the Law Here —

You can read the entire law which now only needs to be signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy, by clicking here. But here is just a taste of what the New Jersey Legislature thinks about law abiding gun ownership, and the United States Supreme Court’s ruling.

  • Expands the list of “sensitive places” where concealed carriers cannot carry their firearm lawfully, to include places like parks, beaches and theaters.
  • Increase the fee to get a concealed carry permit, thus excluding poorer people, who are often the most in need of a firearm for self defense.
  • Require even more class training time, which increases the cost of the class.
  • Ban concealed carry in private businesses unless the owner specifically posts that they allow concealed carry.
  • Allow the government to research social media in their determination to issue a permit or not.
  • Require that gun owners carry insurance, which didn’t turn out well.

Finally —

In summary, this bill is garbage, and organizations are ready to challenge the law in court as soon as the Governor signs it. If you want to stay up to date with legislative gun news, gear techniques and everything concealed carry check out the Concealed Carry Podcast.

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